Re: Cheapest Rapalas


Bargain bins are just randomly placed around the store, not all stores have them, they come and go when they have aged or damaged stock to clear. Need to be there at the right time really.

Other good lures are

Storm makes good lures which are a bit cheaper then Rapala. The generic ones on Trademe also work and can be gotten for a few dollars, although I would replace the hooks and split ring because they are normally rubbish.

I recently purchased a pile of Halco, Tilsan and Rapala lures from a ‘clearance sale’ from a local tackle store, got them all for 50% off which was a bargain. To get the name brand lures for a ‘good price’ is really up to luck but it does happen.

Another option is to go for the Storm softplastic lures, they are $7 for 6 and work very well on trout. Because they are scented they can only be used in bait fishing water. There are other brands (a few unscented) which also work well but Storm are the most common.