Re: catching stingrays


From what I seen off the kaikoura wharf they will come sit on top of your bait for a while before eating and moving off. The one I got when greg was there we could see the bait on the bottom clearly and the stingray come sit on top. Thought it had eaten the bait but was just sitting there first time and pulled the bait away from underneath, then dropped it down again and waited for it to come back. Soon as it moved off it was hooked. A normal baitrunner would be fine for landing smaller rays and I’ve never had a ray take like 200 meters+ of line. What I think is important for rays is a strong drag and solid reel that can take the pressure but for a really big one 100 – 200kg + you’ll probably need a lot of line. When I hooked whatever I hooked off the kaikoura wharf on one of my trips this year I got totally smashed and had no hope of stopping whatever it was before the swivel on the trace broke, but the main problem was my drag was sticky which meant the rod and everything was jerking which is probably what caused the swivel to fail so a smooth drag is really important. I’ve overdone it on most my reels with around 400 – 500 meters of 50lb braid backing then around 200 meters mono on top of that, braid should last a while so when I replace line I only need to replace the top 200 meters of mono.