Re: Catching Skate


That’s not a skate and it’s hard to tell from the picture but doesn’t really look like a normal short-tail ray either, although not much else it could be since I think we only get the short and long tailed rays in NZ waters. The short tail rays can grow up to around 250kg but the long tail ones only grow about half the size I think. Pretty sure we only get short-tail ones this far south although anythings possible considering the eagle ray I got at lyttelton at the start of the year.

Site with some information on rays

Weird thing is that in all the articles I’ve read about short-tail rays they say they aren’t found at all in the South Island which is weird considering the large numbers of them all around the island even as far south as Bluff where I’ve hooked a lot. Those albino rays look interesting as well.

261kg short-tail caught off the rocks in south africa

This topic was meant to be about skate not rays so here’s an article so people can tell the difference … or_ray.htm