Re: Casting big weights


I don’t quite know how to answer that one! When the sea is that rough any sane person would probably go home and mow the lawns instead. The combined Working Men’s Clubs occasionally hold their competitions in marginal conditions. At such times a long stiff rod capable of hurling 9 ounces is a definite plus. When the rip is running along the beach sending your gear back up on the shingle after just a few minutes every extra ounce counts when it comes to holding on the seabed. On days like that few fish will be caught by anyone. Just being able to get bait into the strike zone is a bonus. In very rough conditions it also helps to fish just one small bait.

For all around surfcasting by favourite rod is an Australian made Snyder Glas Titan Series that can cast up to between 120 – 180 gms comfortably. It is 4.1m in length. I have about a dozen surf rods altogether but this particular one just “feels” better than all the others. Interestingly I can cast with it very accurately. I can stand up the beach on a calm day and drop the sinker just in behind the breaker were the cod will be feeding on whatever is being stirred up. I have other rods with which I can get greater distance but nothing like the same accuracy. I would be the first to admit that Kilwell and Composite Developments have built some excellent surfcasting rods in recent years but it is hard to justify buying another surf rod when you already have a dozen!

[b:1arkhl2q]Picture: Snyder Glas Titan Series 4.1m is a bit easier to handle than the Kilwell 9oz.[/b:1arkhl2q]