Re: Casting big weights



This is a Killwell blank the same as Alan has.

First tryout had 4 rings held on with tape and reelseat at the bottom for an Alvey reel. Casting with 8oz gave better distance than the other rods I had at the time.

Next I fell for the “ya gotta make it bigger” advice and it grew to 15ft by extending the butt. This made it harder to use – too stiff and badly out of balance as the fulcrum was now way above the top hand and casting distance was shortened.

Was not long before it was brought down to 14ft which improved allround performance tho it still was not ideal.

Went back to the std. blank length – added a wooden butt of 8 inches – a reelseat to suit Alvey and another reelseat above but touching the first one. The Alvey seat is screw down and the other is screw up for eggbeaters. It cast pretty good with 6 or 7 or 8oz but was not able to handle the heavy weights needed for a real stormy sea.

Over a couple of years came more modifications by adding several more tips and several more butts that all fit each other giving a vast array of options to suit the sea conditions at the time. If there is any interest I can describe some of the others.

The strongest new tip was made from a CD 50lb game rod blank which had been rejected from the factory because it was too stiff.
The game rod tip makes the butt feel soft but is just right for fishing an Alvey with 50lb line and 12oz sinkers into a howling southerly when you have to use waders and a rainhat.

Casting distance with the heavy stuff is around 60 yards and depending on which other combination is used around 80 yards to 100+. These are dryland yards not water yards as used by most people.

If you dont want to eat it put it back.