Re: Casting big weights


I’ve noticed recently from mainly American based sites that a lot of their rods are very heavy duty, and I haven’t seen anything near their specs in NZ. For example the Daiwa Saltiga Ulua Slide-baiting Rods are 13ft and rated to 80lb and 12oz cast weight. A lot of other Daiwa Surf rods are rated up to 50 or 60lb and some even have cast weights of up to 14oz. Their equivalent models sold in NZ seem to be the lower spec versions. I suppose no one here has had any experience casting with such heavy duty rods, but I’d be interested as to what they cast like. Even rods like the Penn Pursuit and other rods rated up to 50lb with heavy cast weights, and they are only $39 USD. I can imagine an 80lb Surf rod suited to 14oz leads would be WAY to heavy for NZ conditions, and probably wouldn’t cast all that well.