Re: Cast nets – A good investment?


You very rarely ever see them being used. I’ve had a cast net for quiet a few years now.They work very well indeed for catching yelloweyed mullet. Sometimes you can get more than half a dozen in a single cast. It takes a lot of practice to cast the net properly so that it opens right out into a full circle – very satisfying when it does. My advice is to practice on your back lawn until you get the knack. Once mastered you’ll never forget but it usually takes me a dozen of so casts to get it working properly again when I haven’t used it for a while.
One possible disadvantage is that after the first cast the net will be wet so you soon get soaked after a few more casts. Mind you I drape part of the net over my shoulder when casting.
You also have to consider the bottom where you will be casting. You have to avoid rocks or anything else that would snag the monofilament net. A sandy beach or rivermouth is the best place to use it. I’d say get one. They last for years Yellowfin :grin: