Re: Canterbury Snapper?

Jones Jr.

True Milly, dolphins were herding them up as it said in that article. I spose other things like water temperature around Canterbury of 16 degrees in the summer would make me think it is possible. Also as you say tracknz this kingfish fishery that has become more prominent in the last 5 or 10 years would suggest there may be the odd lurker out there. But then again the kingfish have probably always been there, but not targeted as much till now. Could that be the case for snapper? Probably not, wishful thinking is nice. lol.

There is an article on this site of a snapper caught in Fiordland, that’s pretty far south! But warmer SST do extend further south down the West Coast of the South Island then on the east. We look to be about the same perhaps slightly warmer then Fiordland in summer re SST’s.

Cool to hear those reports from Birdlings and Taylors. I’ll have to make a Canterbury Snapper database! LOL.

Actually, I do remember something a friend told me now. He was talking to some people who used to own a fishing store down Ferry Road, I can’t remember the name. Infact I think it’s closed now. They sold whitebait nets and lots of other stuff. The owners told him that a wee while back they once saw snapper in the estuary here in Chch, apparently having a go at some mussels on rocks with tails sticking out of the water. This must’ve been 20 or 30 years ago I would imagine at the least.

EDIT: The store was called Remlap fishing I think? Is that right, maybe…. Or I may be totally wrong.