Re: Canterbury Competitions?


Fished most of the comps over the years …kids have won oodles of prizes , both have won Amberly at once each , daughter won the kids section at Napenape twice
Won a few of them myself , and been robbed as well

Birdlings flat is hardly worth the effort , last time I was there they only had 2 prizes for the seniors …..biggest fish / most species caught , a cheap 3 piece rod each
You can fish anywhere as long as your at the weighin by 3pm I think it was ….

Amberly is good for the kids , and a fun day out , be sure to fish hard in the first hour , otherwise maybe top of the tide is the only time your likely to catch anything …small baits in the wash at your feet can catch kahawai ….prizes are pretty reasonable…fish are to be had , if you know your stuff

Napenape is really hit and miss … cant shift along the beach if nothing is biting …prizes nothing like they used to be , and not as good as amberly for the kids
Often you are TOLD where to fish ….and the beach is baron unless you get lucky with the reef , expect to catch NOTHING

Kaikora …….well …. fished it twice , took 2nd prize in the seniors both years , once each for myself and the daughter

First time , 30mins after the close , chatted to the marshal on the quadbike who assured me I was in first place basically all day , and still in first …..being north of the weigh station , I got to see ALL the fish coming from the north end of the beach , Id been jockeying for first/2nd place 2-3 time with some bloke at the north end …
After the final pass of the marshal , We returned to the weigh station and had the winning fish pointed out to us ..a conger eel about 12lbs ….funny cause my conger came in at about 16lb from memory… the prizegiving guess who won …my friend to the north ….go figure ….we won 7 prizes between us , so awesome day anyways

The following year , the daughter caught a nice conger , was winning all day , nothing coming close …
45min’s after the close , we once again checked out the weighin station ….awesome , her conger was the biggest by heaps
I warned her on the way to prize giving not to hold her breath for the $1000 prize …..told her to expect to get 2nd

First place , seven gill shark …..apparently the marshals never saw it because the guy who caught it “right at the start of the comp” kept it hush hush and delivered it to the station himself , AFTER we had been there …
I can only imagine the state of it , after an entire day ….assuming it was caught that day
Anyways , when the fishee stood to recieve the prize , Im like wft , he was in the pub before us …..yet weighed his fish after we left for the pub …..1 minute away
We still won some awesome prizes

The organisation leaves a lot to be desired tho …….ya start basically as soon as youve paid with no fixed start time …and when I quizzed the marshal as to which of the 3 rods the bloke beside us caught the rig on he’d just collected , the answer was “i dont know , maybe he paid 3 entry fees”

Is the competion rigged ? My experience says quite likely ……….but the fishing is AWESOME , the scenery lovely , prizes good …
Definately heading back there next year

Amberly often clashes with Kaikora …..mid-late jan
Birdlings late feb-march
Napenape late jan
Be awesome if the looked at the tides and moon phase before planning dates