Re: Buying a Surf Rod and Reel


This threads been dormant for awhile so thought I’d throw in a cheaper rod Im l@@king at purchasing for surfcasting, anyone used an Okuma X-Factor? Prob the 14ft although the 15ft is another option. Am considering because of price,lightweight, & action, as I believe them to be very similar to my Salmon surf rods. Cast weight 3-5oz,( I generally dont go fishing in conditions that require more weight than this to stay wet!) Am hoping to be able to use with a Daiwa slosh reel, so may look at an additional lower reel seat(personal preference) & line guides if I have to. My ssr’s max out at 3ozs casting weight, not much when you get some big sloppy baits & tackle etc on the end.
Thoughts or comments please…

cheers G.