Re: Broadbill in kaikoura

shark slayer

thanks for the reply croozer..yes i take fish..i only eat fish not meat so i get enough that i am in constant supply for my eating..people who take offence to the shit i say always comment “you take your fair share”and yes i do but i normally take well less than my limit ..i fish for a very wide range of species and dont just hammer the same old species day in day out and your not going to see me taking large quantities of big species that are in small numbers or hardout targeting fish that have been heavily reduced in numbers..the daytime broadbill fishing up north is proving to be as if not more productive than night fishin g and makes targeting those fish alot easier as we can see by the fact that small craft are being used to take them..i am not saying its not ok to fish for them im just saying there are alot of assholes out there that dont care and take what they can get there hands the douchebag that wrote the article in fnz..whi needs half a ton of meat and 3 broadys killed in 2 days by one person..sorry but thats bullshit..and that sort of shit will happen in laikoura if it was foumd dont have to like my opinions you certainly wont be the first but i dont care what people think i say them anyway cos thats my style i like to talk strait..thanks for your opinion tho you seem like a passionate fisherman and thats all good in my books..the season is underway..good luck mite see you on the beach..tight lines 8)