Re: Broadbill in kaikoura


To be honest mate, you seem to take your share from the resource. You are obviously a very good angler, and one that probably has very good intentions, but please lay off the holier than thou crap, doesn’t really suit you. We all care for our environment, in our own, individual ways. Granted, some more than others. To be honest, I doubt that the whole recreational fleet in NZ would take as many Broadbill in a year as one competent commercial captain would take in their best week of the year. As it is, people have probably known or at least thought about fishing for them out of Kaikoura/Mutanou( wrong spelling, I know), for years, but the logistics of actually doing it successfully are way beyond your average amateur angler. Not to mention, it is a fairly daunting place to be at night for your average person. I know they are targeting them in daylight up north, but night is still prime time. Anyway, have a great, fruitful summer, and don’t worry too much about the Broadie stocks being decimated by the anglers, cause I doubt very seriously it is ever going to happen. Hopefully we will meet up one day, be good to have a yarn, cheers.