Re: Broadbill in kaikoura

shark slayer

the last thing that coastline needs is someone getting onto broadbill and then blabbing about it all over the internet it tajes enough of a hammering as it the last year or so someone up north figured out how to get broadbill during the day and went scyting about it all over the place now they are all doing now have small 4-5 meter trailer boats going out and getting broadbill..i was reading an article in nz fishing news a couple of months back that some jerk had written about catching and keeping 3 broadbill in 2 days in his 5 meter equated to about half a ton of meat..thats the sort of meathead mentality you would get if broadbill where started being taken off kaikoura..i beleive commercial opperaters are allowed to target them again aswel..they are better left untouched off kaikoura..i think they should bring in a law where all game fish that can grow in excess of 100kg should have a 1 per year seasonal limit on them and you should have to have a licence for it and that licence should be at least 2-300 dollars and the money could be put towards research on population,migration habits etc..wouldnt happen tho because fishery policy in nz is weak and the majority of people only care about what they can take from the ocean and dont give a fuck about preserving our wonderfull marine life and fisherys.