Re: Braid


A few things to know about braid, and most lines in general. Often the diameter noted on the specs are different from the actual tested diameter… wither thats due to variation within the line itself or in testing equipment I do not know. So often, the cheaper the braid the more ‘wrong’ the claimed diameter or breaking strain is…

Here are the claimed breaking strains and claimed daimeter of a few brands / suprerlines. So the diameter of Hooker braid seems to be right in the middle. Berkely Whiplash is a clear outlier.

Berkley Whiplash Super Braid: 50lb / 0.17mm
Berkley FIreline Flame: 50lb / 0.35mm
Power Pro Braid: 50lb / 0.36mm
Sufix Gyro Braid: 50lb / 0.45mm
Sufix Performance: 50lb / 0.34mm
JigStar Dyneema: 50lb / 0.38mm

Compared with a few mono brands and braid is approximately half the diameter of Mono.

Berkley Trilene Big Game: 24kg / 0.71mm
MomoI Hi-Catch Hi-Vis: 24kg / 0.74mm
Sufix Ultra Supreme 24kg / 0.64mm
Rovex Devil 50lb / 0.70mm
Hooker Mono: 24kg / 0.65mm

The first three are all IGFA rated lines, so should break beneath 24kg. Most braids in my experience test massively above their rated strengths. A few years back I personally tested half a dozen or so spools of trout tippet. I could not measure their diameter, and my strength test was not exactly scientific but I tested all brands equally and the results were all over the place. If I remember correctly, the brands which promised the highest “breaking strains” broke at a lower pressure then the rest.