Re: Boat Engines


Hi Guys,

Flushing your outboard is the most important maintenance proceedure you can perform to prolong the life of your outboard.
I know some outboard manufaturers say you can flush your outboard cold without running your engine, but this does not successfully remove all salt deposits from the internal waterways of the engine, this can only be achieved by running the engine and bringing it up to normal working temparatures.
The removal of salt from your engine is vital so as not to get build up in hard to flush places which in turn produces engine wearing hot spots.
Flush muffs do the job quite well, but there is always concern as to whether the pump and engine are getting enough water.
Flush tanks are a far better option and I have had three in the past, all of which worked well, but they wore out after a year or so by getting holes in the bottom.
These failures made me think of building a flush tank that still collapsed down for easy storage, but was far more resiliant to wear and my company now produces the “Kiwi Flush”an exclusively Kiwi made product which is far superior to any other PVC flush tank ever made before.
Our “Kiwi Flush” has a 4mm PE plastic protective domed base.
We will be launching the product in early October and will take all orders via email or phone.
We will ship anywhere in NZ at the normal freight rates.
The Kiwi Flush will be on our website very soon