Re: Birdlings Flat weather report from johnny on the spot


My stalking skills being finely tuned , a few minutes and johnny on the spot became johnny on the phone …….

I woke the tired old bitch up lmao ……looking out his window and the sea is calming , the wind onshore with a lot of left to right ……so sou/east I guess ….

Birdlings can have its own weather , no doubt we have all experienced the weird winds that chop and change as you get nearer the hills …….maybe the wind here in CHCH is blowing right thru and offshore down further at Bayleys ?? ….is it worth the risk ? ….mind you , Ive done alright with a light sou/east blowing , just the seaspray from the breaking waves drifts over you and makes it impossible to see out your sunglasses argh …..

Do I dont I ? anyone else keen for a trip out ?