Re: big sharks


Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the high number of small sevengill sharks on the coast this season? Ive been out and about and getting atleast two every trip and for some reason the average size has been from 2 – 5ft long,not anything over as of yet :roll:
Its not a bad thing I spose as I release them all anyway but it was this time about two years ago 99% of the Sev’s I got were 5 – 7 1/2ft long.Didnt quite make the 8ft mark I was aiming for :???: .I have a mate from the states and he chases them in San Fran bay and man some of them are monsterous,im talking 10 – 11ft long with an unbelievable girth on them.Seeing pics of these big bastards helps keep me keen.
Anyway im still hopeful for a few good ones this season and atleast I can say I have caught my smallest Sev ever this year lol.
I see alot are getting caught compared to the last cupla 3 years.What sizes are we talking here? anyone seen any over the 8ft mark this year??? Off the beach and with a surf rod i mean 8)