Re: Best way to cook trout [other than smoking]


What can i say? I caught a lovely rainbow brilliant condition out of a stunningly clear section of the Clutha river, i gutted gilled and beheaded him, then baked him wih spring onions and and some dry bread crumbs [ and other stuff but can’t rememer] Popped him in the over wrapped in tin foil. Took the trout out when cooked nicely. Took a bite and thought “This is the greatest tasting food in the world i could live off the smell alone!” no I’m joking i actualy thought….
“Well… I wont have this too often”…

Then i caught a nice 5lb salmon escaped from the salmon farm In Twizel.
Smoked him up and…….awwwww I could eat that forever, I wouldnt care if i turned into homer simpson if i ate too much, I could eat a 20lb salmon tail and all! :grin:

[Then i caught a 3lb rainbow trout, tasted much the same]

Pan fried trout was rather good i have to admit but i still prefer smoked.

[ although you do have to smoke fish right otherwhys you drown out the trouts nice flavour and it tastes like the insde of my fireplace]

I will deffinitly give your way of cooking trout a go though. :)