Re: Best way to cook trout [other than smoking]


BLAST…..i forgot, u also need a ” knob of butter ” inside the trout with the onions n raisins ( n smarties ). Dont forget to DOUBLE wrap, cos a single layer punctures too easy. I guess the trout kinda ” poaches ” in its own juices ( along with onions raisins n smarties ). I dont add salt, but a sprinkle of pepper may be to your taste. The main thing is that you can STILL TASTE TROUT.

I guess the big thing is to remember to take the tinfoil and onions and raisins ( and smarties and a cask of red ) wherever you are camping. Easy enough if u r in a car……tad harder if its a 2 hour tramp in to Daniels, but well worth it 8) . Toz