Re: Best place in Cantbury to surfcast and what to use


Actually a fishing club that does a bit of surfcasting would interest me too. Was talking to a guy a month or two back about the Papanui fishing club, was going to go in and see what its like but from how this guy was talking it sounded as if it was all river/trout/salmon/fresh water fishing which doesn’t interest me really.

Beaches south of Birdlings have only produced dogs and the odd greyboy the 7 or so times I’ve been down to fish, though I was only using squid as bait and recently pipis. Wanting to catch rig myself but have heard a couple of stories, some say they like it when the surf is a little choppy, some say it needs to be calm and clear. One thing I can tell is that crab and prawns sound like they’re the best bait.