Re: Baits and hooks – Do you reckon this is right?


For fishing off the wharf use Size 8 Sabiki’s and small peices of bait (Bonito or any sort of heart – Chicken/Sheep etc). Don’t bother casting out just drop down. I’ve caught mullet, warehou, terakihi, salmon, spotties, and red cod using this method. If you cast out further with bigger baits you can expect to catch dogfish and carpet sharks, but I’ve also had a stingray there a few years back. You can also catch moki off the wharf and around the rocks – use smallish hooks and shellfish, crab or prawns should work. Interestingly I’ve never caught or seen caught a kahawai off the wharf, but have heard people get them fishing off the other side of the breakwater. As for rig, school shark, and elephant fish any of the beaches south and north of Timaru should be good for them. Crab works well for rig/elephant fish but you can also use prawns and shellfish for the eles, 5/0 is a good hook size for both. For school sharks I’d use mullet and bigger hooks around 7/0 as you don’t want the small ones anyway.