Re: Bait fishing… illegally


Benefit of the doubt for the Waimak guys – I’ve fished with ‘Sibinkis’ in the Mak (tidal area) and Kaipoi that have at least 6 tiny hooks and shiney, small ‘feathers’ – somwetimes with small pieces of squid as well – and a small sinker. Specifically for mullet as surfcasting bait. Its a quick cheap way to get fresh bait. I’ve never been after or hooked up any sport fish when doing this – although it does look dodgy as I use my light 6′ ‘trout’ rod and reel – you don’t want to be using a 15′ rod with 25lb line when you’re fishing at your feet of small fish! I believe, from what I know, that what I’m doing is perfectly acceptable and nothing illegal.

The guys at Lyndon are obviously fishing illegally and hopefully will be caught sooner rather than later. Thanks for the advice “go fishing”.