Re: Bait fishing for salmon

shark slayer

Fishhunter.. They lose condition and shrink as they go because they use more energy swimming upriver than they can get in food.. Spawning runs are there final struggle, a journey that is to taxing for them and is eventually there demise.. A fascinating species.. Searun trout do a similar journey and survive but some of them perish aswel.. A sight i have witnessed with my own eyes.. And no salmon dont avoid lures in clear water because they see it coming.. I have drifted lures tovthen in clear water they didnt see until it was right in front.. The response was total ignorance.. Zeddys that is.. More lifelike lures. However resulted in hookups. Or. Furious. Chasing until they saw me.. Metal lures do well in murky water cos they get a quick distorted look and mistake it for bait fish.