Re: Bait fishing for salmon

shark slayer

Haha…. No they dont they stop ACTIVELY feeding but feed whenever the opportunity arises wich is less often as they move upriver and easy food becomes less available.. Hence the stomach shrinking.. If you got caught in the bush for a week and ate alot less food than normal your stomach would shrink also… Fish don’t. Go round snapping at everything because they cant help it its only for one thing.. FOOD! Kahawai are aggressive as fuck but cast a zeddie at them in crystal clear water uper gut and they ignore it cos they can see it aint food.. I have a cod spot that is ridiculously prolific.. Once a year for a month. They wont touch. A bait because they. Are. Exclusively. Targeting krill.. When fish really shut down feeding they Wont touch a thing.. If salmon shut down no one would. Catch them apart from foul hooked fish.. If you get a salmon you have fooled it into thinking its food. If they snapped at stuff at random none would. Spawn because. It would. Be so easy to catch em.