Re: Bait fishing for salmon

shark slayer

Salmon do not stop feeding when they enter the river.. They dont actively seek food because that wastes energy and there main goal is to get upriver as fast and safe as possible.. Any prey item that comes accross them they will take and any easy meal will be eaten.. Why would they. Turn down easy extra energy.. Salmon arent stupid they dont just snap at things out of anger if they completely shut down feeding none of us would catch them.. Dont. Beleive me,? Try catching a salmon in clean water with a dirty big old zeddy when. You can see them and they will avoid it like the plague even when. Brought strait across there nose. Thats why we do better when there is colour in the water. The fish dont see the lure that well and mistake it for a bait fish.. When. Its crystal clean the fishing is slow because they can see that big chunk of metal isnt food… But you can fool the odd fish with a more lifelike lure and liter line.. This is why only a small percentage of anglers do well.. A small percentage. Think about things more and dont listen to fallacys.. And the rest….. Well….