Re: Bait Cost


Same here Zac.I keep a couple of red cod each trip and build up supplys.I buy a pack of large nz arrow and that prob returns me about 10 bait reds before I toss the rest of the squid away.About $7 for a kilo of big arrow.
Whole prawns raw and cooked usually cost around $10-$15 per kilo or for some reason a kilo of tails near cost me $30!
I got a kilo of grey mullet today for around $9.I havnt bought any of this shit for a while so thought I would because it was there.
Would be interesting to compare prices of squid because brands and prices vary so much.I can get 10kilo boxes of nz arrow for $16 but my freezer always to full for that.
I was after a 10kilo box of barracouta fillets but at $12.50 per kilo….. :roll: Dont need to spend that much on bait even if it last you 12months but by then whats left over would prob be off anyway.