Re: Bait and Burley


Whose tried that Salmon berley? I think its from NZ king salmon,not sure.I reckon its the best shit Ive ever used! Its bloody expensive (for berley) and it doesnt last long but I found that no matter where you put it in,you will have baitfish there within 2 minutes! Its done that everytime ive used it.Even when there wasnt a single herring in sight.The last time I used it was down the Kenepuru off the rocks.It looked pretty dead so we berlied up and after a minute or two we had a big school of mullet at our feet.About 5 mins or so they were joined by a school of mackerel and a few garfish.I must say this stuff amazed me its just a pity its expensive.I think they were costing around the $16 mark for smallish log.