Re: Bait and Burley


hi this is a great topic i used a couple of berley bombs today while surfcasting but tangled in lines everytime i tried.. i was fishing 3 rods though which made it impossible to get it out without tangling in line. it attracted the fish though beacause i saw a penguin in the breakers chasing small fish right infront of me .

i suppose the trick is not to use 3 rods or put your burley further down beach. i reckon burley works though got a huge rig 15lb atleast probably due to crabs coming closer the burley trail . i made a killer burley bomb mix in the end with herrings burley bomb chopped up doggies blood guts and chucked it out in the breakers. while i caught the rig very close to shore say just past where the breakers were due to hard casting crab without coming off or using cotton . im convinced burley works wonders surfcasting i caught 2 crabs on my line today first time..

this is what i used for my burley trail a net wit ha burley bomb in it with twine connected to make it drift out . worked wonders bar tangling lines 3 times in a row and enough was enough. nothing worst if you hook a big fish and have that problem .

would be great if any of you fishos have any ideas and of making it work. i thought of filling it with stones but the beach i fish you cant wade out far . hard chucking a big weight out without getting distance