Re: Ashley river


cheers guys
went out again today and found a nice wee trout in the main water near a bank under some willows. beautifaul spot. i counldnt get him to take a thing. he was feeding on the surface quite happly. i threw every fly in my box at him, even the big beetle ones the kids got me for xmas cause they “look awesome dad” :) the flies were landing in font of him, beside him, on him everywhere . the fly would land float over him and he would take some thing next to it. could not see what he was eating. even went down stream for a look and couldnt see any thing. went back he was still there lol. does something drop out of the willows this time of year? was fun thought, spent about 2hrs experimenting. saw a larger trout bout 100m further up, he came over and had a good look at me while i was watching my fly come back in.

just googled willows, i did try a nymph simmilar to a willow grub, is it possible this was what it was eating??