Re: Anyone bottom fished off giants nose ??


Its the 2nd large rocky outcrop on the opposite side of taylors ….

Moki point is the the first one , like a flat lava flow …….about the same distance out into the bay as black rock , you will spot a knob sticking up above a flat area ….theres stairs cut into the ground , its a little hairy but safe enough

Water is definately deeper ….reefy as so I found , all those years fishing taylors I never fished the bottom …

Wouldnt suprise me if there’s more bluecod in there , Im fairly certain I had a double hookup when I caught that small one , the bigger one pulled the hook off the line …2 lb from my ultralight outfit I was using in the berley on the surface to catch mullet …..damn knot slipped …..

Worth trying some sacraficial sinkers with single bait and fishing off the sides of that reef ….