Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??

shark slayer

i made a post a few weeks back about said trawler working the clean water line in close..yes he is a fuckwit but people who fish in competitions that bring over a hundred people to rape one spot and kill everything even shit thats just gonna get wasted to feed therw ego and make up for small dick sindrome are also fuckwits!..why would you participate in a slaughterfest like that and then cry about trawling…rec fishing can be just as destructive when people are greedy and stupid why dont the idiots that organise these events use there peanut sized brains and make it more focused on catch and release…they could make it coolest fish wins or longest or most variety and you can photo and release onstead of slaughtering everything…give kaikoura 10 years and it will be fucked..same old story the word gets out and the hords of fuckheads move in and hammer it dry….broadcasting on facebook exactly where you are catching stuff is plain retarded aswell that southern angling site is going to fuck alot of good spots..before you go crying sniff your own ass first