Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??


Perhaps another points system? I have fished a lot of competitions, something like 500 plus, ranging from club level to national. My advise would be along these lines. Make different species worth different points per kilo, and make the undesirable/inedible species ineligible to weigh in. Perhaps something along the lines of 30 point fish, Snaps, Carrots, Moki, Salmon, Kings, Blue Cod, Terraki. 10 point a kilo fish, perhaps Kahawai,Eles and grey boys. Ineligible species, Skates/rays. 7 Gills, Eels, Doggies and any other “sunbathers” that may happen along. if organizations continue to condone/promote senseless killing of all animals, it won’t be long before the Greens get hold of it and bang, no more contests. I might add that we used to only be allowed to weigh 6 maximum of any specie, regardless of state bag limits. I know some backward thinkers will poopoo this, but it made us much better anglers because we had to be versatile in that we had to target a range of desirable, edible species, without the wholesale slaughter of the rubbish fish. Just a thought. Personally I would prefer to catch 12-20 fin fish for the weekend than 1 old skate or eel.