Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??

shark slayer

longest fish wins would be better have marshals at intervals along the beach ready to measure so any fish that are not being kept to eat can be returned..have a target list of species that cam be entered and have lower bag limits imposed juat for the comp to avoid a rapefest..dont have probs with comps just the way they are run…run properly its a good chance to educate people on fish stock freindly practises…my comment about facebook and spot exposure was taken out of context..nothing wrong with sharing techniques or popular locations where you caught i have done that on here many a ttime..just wish people would be a bit smarter when it comes to getting specific about hidden gems and spots that prevoously had little pressure..popular spots its ok they get hammered anyway but more and more of that coast is receivinv pressure all the time.most guys om the forums are good but its the people watching in without coming on that are tbe can pm e
people without anyone being able to see it therefore you know the guys your telling are going to respect it..i was a bit harsh with my first comment and for that i apoligise i just get wound up because o grew up on that coast and know how good it used to alot of my old prime spots arw full of litter,longliners and idiots it sucks.