Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??

shark slayer

if you average it out over the 7 month season i took 2.5 per month…very greedy indeed the most i have ever taken in a season…i took 5 rig out of 100 so thats a 95% return rate..fuck i am greedy..i wasny trying to wind anyone up i just dont agree with the pointless killing of fish that happens under the current competition format..ian robertson organised a comp a few years back with a good format that allowed people to claim the fish without pointlessly killing them..the blenheim fishing club used to have comps at the ure years and the old man counted 40 kahawai 35 large schoolies heaps of doggiea skate a blue shark 50 blue cod and a heap of red cod all dead on the beach at that spot after they were done.. i cant catch blue cod there anymore they are gone…you can say what you want but i dont gree with it its billshit and i am allowed my opinion..cant be bothered poinessly arguing about it on coastwatch haha what a character..stop windi.g them up donnie.