Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??


Haha i love a good stir…
Stir them up s.s
look at the replies…
Everyones defending and going on the aggressive
Great to sea!
Whos keen for a big go at s.s for his unwanted and super lame comment lol.
Hey s.s you still taking illegal paua for ele bait :P
as for me im the greediest fisherman of all time not even couttas and doggies go back i have a large whanau/iwiw/tangata whenua
And since i have so many polluted fisheries down here to fish we cant eat the trout and flounder because the river water has such high faecal cauliform readings the dogfish and small schoolies take a beating … Bring me a large sack of paua ss ! Especially the wee ones :)
Windem up