Re: Amberly results as follows – Kaikoura ??


So that makes me and fishforpot fuckwits for fishing in the competitions…..
Both competitions are fundraisers for the community and all staff are volunteers. The kaikoura competition is only once a year and 60 fish ain’t a hell of a lot of fish. None of the fish at kaikoura was going to go to waste as spectators are welcome to take the unwanted catch and they did! I know that all rays and and the 7 gill shark were taken and the leftovers go as cray bait. I think that the organisers of the competitions just need to be smart about how they educate the anglers and update then as what the leading/top fish are so that non winning fish can be returned (and they did). I returned heaps of doggies yesterday as they were unwanted and not top fish. 170 rods over 4km is nothing to the amount of divers and boaties that have been in the kaikoura area the past month. I don’t mind helping people catch fish and don’t mind pointing them in the right direction, there is a big coastline with plenty of fish.