Re: Advice for Marlborough Sounds xmas


Karaka is pretty good. Can get kingis there and always kahawai about. Have seen a guy catching squid there too. He’d spot them from up by the seat,and rush down the steps and cast squid lures at them. Caught bout 5 while I was there.

Shakespeare Bay, You can walk around the perimeter fence and get near the corner light on the wharf at night. Usually heaps of piper and I’m sure theres snapper in there, Just yet to catch one.

Bobs Bay. Walk around from the sailing club by the picton marina or walk down the track from the top of the snout lookout. A few snapper have been caught here but I never seem to be the one catching them. The beach by the sailing club is supposed to be ok as well.

I’d try find somewhere quiet over in kenepuru sound for the night. All my snapper have been caught in kenepuru/pelorus sounds. Hard to find a quiet spot this time of year though.

Fresh yellow eyed mullet or kahawai for bait, Caught them on squid too.