Re: Abu Ambassadeur Seven Sprint


I have not tried an SL30SH, but i have used an SL20SH a lot, it was my first non level wind reel. I then had a 7HT when they first came out. The problem with the SL20SH was because of the narrow spool it lost volume too quick even with 0.35 mono and this caused a natural form of breaking. I gained a few metres with the 7HT which has a wider spool. I then got a 6500 ct mag elite. This was quicker again, although the 6500 internals are marginally robust for salmon surf fishing, and the mag slider was poorly positioned and easily bumped. Then I got a penn mag 525 a great robust reel, which cast very well but it was heavy. Then I got a great deal on an Akios 555 custom non level wind from the UK. The last three reels mag elite, 525, and akios all cast about the same distance in my hands, the limiting factor now is the rod, ticer and the caster… Making your own aerodynamic ticers makes a big difference