Re: Abu Ambassadeur Seven Sprint


They are a good reel except the frame is not as sturdy as the older 7000’s or 7500’s and if you are capable of really laying into a cast you will eventually bend the frame (shove it sideways relative to the reel foot). It can be bent back into shape when you dismantle the reel. Mark Preston who is a very good surfcaster (used to be at the compete angler, then hamills now hunting and fishing?) used to use one of these in the surf for salmon back in the day (90’s) teamed up with a tricast and at the time guy’s using SL20SH’s couldn’t heave a ticer further than he could, myself included. He had the bending frame issue and so did I on mine. Now there is a raft of reels that would outperform a 7 sprint. My one is a simply a 7 not a sprint, Identical except it has the standard 4:1 retrieve ratio. Some people upgraded these to the faster reel by swapping the pinion and main gear, I just cranked faster!