Re: Abu Ambassadeur Seven Sprint


The model of Shimano you are thinking of is a TSMII C, the only reel of the TSM series with centrifugal braking. They are now quite rare. The guy who was using it was probably Kelvin Sewell, a guy who could outcast pretty much anyone. They are known as a good but extremely fiery reel.

To your list I would add
abu 6500 CT Rocket
abu 6500 CT mag elite
Penn Squall 12 (replacement for penn mag 525)

I have read because of the weight width and inertial of a 7000, 7500 spool you will not make huge gains by removing the level wind, the level wind provides a braking force that is required for a 7000. Plus the wide spool means you have to pay very close attention to line lay. The very early red 7000’s which were slightly smaller are supposed to be the best casters. There is also a school of thought that says there is an optimum line diameter for a 7000 I think it is about 0.4 to 0.45. Ross Millichamp mentions this in his first book I think. The idea is that the optimal diameter gives the right amount of braking as the spool volume decreases at an optimal rate to provide braking. One problem with some 7000’s is the clearance between the edge of the spool and the frame is pretty wide and small diameter line (less than 0.35) can get trapped in there. I have used thick braid on a 7000 (suffix gyro) for bottom fishing with no issues.