Re: Abu Ambassadeur Seven Sprint


Thanks for that. Very interesting I must say. Perhaps an Abu 7500 without a level wind might be good?
From memory a bloke I knew used to use a black Shimano without a level wind that cast very well. I forget which one it was TSS3 or TSM something like that. He could cast with it a considerable distance. The big Daiwas are great reels but quite big. They were popular for targeting yellowtail kingfish on jigs “back-in-the-day” before braid, not just for their casting distance but more importantly for their kingi stopping power! I haven’t tried it but the Abu Revo Toro looks interesting but you would have to use braid to get the line capacity on such a small reel.
Isn’t an Akios 757 the same size reel as an Abu 7500? Aren’t they very similar?
So we’ve got the following reels to consider as being among the best for salmon/surf casting, in no particular order:
1. Daiwa 7HT
2. Abu Revo Toro NaCl 50 or 60 (spooled with 50lb braid).
3. Akios 555, 656 or 757
3. Daiwa SL30SH and Daiwa SL20SH
4. Penn Mag 525
If you are using braid on an Abu 7000 or 7500 what do you think about it? Does it work OK? Any problems?