Re: 2014 Spring & summer surf catches

shark slayer

you should really know the rules before you go fishing they are easily available amd all the legal limits in nz are more than generous..good on you for admiting you didnt know tho and now you do..i just fish bayleys,proper during the,week early season before the hords,of idiots show up chchlandbased..then fish my spot further down.but to be honest all these people say they have special spots down the spit but it gets,hammered just as much as bayleys and is just,as easy to access..i was down there this morning..3 truck loads came,past the last truck was smoking hard and they were thrashing it..that aint going to last long i thought..just after i thought that..boom!the radiator blew they came to a grinding hault and steam was pouring out everywhwee..probably down there unless the other two towed it back…fully cooked it nby the look of it.. :shock: