Re: 2013 Winter Surf catches.

shark slayer

haha..yea its pretty hardcore..but i want the work thats in christchurch at the moment but i dont want to live there..i want to live by the sea with good fishing close the price i pay for that lifestyle is a big drive each day…went out tonight with a mate who has never caught a rig…had no crabs so chucked out some prawn baits and biffed the crab pot in..was pretty swelly wich made me optimistic about our chances of getting a rig but it also made crab potting hard going…after 45 mins of no action i checked the crab pot and had only caught one crab…cut it in half and we chucked out a crab bait each…10 mins later …dude dude your rod..i ran to my rod as it buckled over and set the hook..was an odd fight due to all the current that was running but a well conditioned 18-20lb female was landed…she was in good nick and pregnant…turned out to be the only one of the night an only got four more crabs but i aint complaining my season has started… 8)