Re: 2013 Winter Surf catches.

shark slayer

nice rig guys good to see some action on here…been pretty lazy as of late..been a pretty bad red cod season in kaikoura..went up for a few weekends in a row a couple weeks back..only did well once and a mate pulled an all nighter an got 10 cod between us..the biggest fattest red cod i have ever seen,,they actualy gave a pretty good scrap aswell but its been shite since then..a few weeks back there was a good run of winter kahawai up there..i scored a few..chasing early whitebait i believe..its been so damn warm..i have been meaning to chase winter rig but have been working 80 hour weeks and carpet laying is a physical job plus i drive 2.5 hours each day to work..i get home and i will be like..yeap im gonna target rig tonight..then fall asleep and wake up at 2 in the morning dribbling on myself and the tv is still running haha pretty much ruins the fishing plans but after mili and sevengillz success it gives me the kick in the ass i are some photo’s from kaikoura…bring on the rig…..