Re: 2013 Winter Surf catches.


Up early today to get the tide so I could get the crab pot in. Sea was ok apart from the sets of big steep rollers hammering the place. Dropped the pot in then pulled it after 5 mins because the swell was getting too dodgy . Had one crab and 10kg’s of weed so I decided to head on down the coast in the search for calmer water. Stopped at Wharanui for a look , was looking much the same , nice spot but the odd big wave running up to the car park so not suitable. Carried on and soon was driving through the sea mist over the highway which is never a good sign . Stopped at the airstrip for a survey , was looking fishable but the roar of the boulders being washed in and out was a recipe for bust offs. Turned around and headed north . Stopped at Wharanui again and checked out a couple of notices , turns out they were from the police concerning a missing Nelson man by the name of Blair Robinson who is believed to have been swept out by a rogue wave while fishing there on April 22nd . They ask anyone visiting the area to keep an eye out for anything that may be of concern.
I pulled the pin and decided to head back up to one of my older haunts that’s always fishable. Whipped out some prawn and mussels and got a couple of red cod . I put the one crab I got out and within 5 mins the rod was bent and line was peeling off. Grabbed the rod and had a play . I got what ever it was into the white water then it let out a hell of a burst and I couldn’t let off the drag quick enough and got busted off . Raced home to grab some more crabs and back into it an hour later. Same deal , within 5 mins of the crab sinking the rod was pointing for the horizon . Landed a nice 90cm Rig. The hook ended up in its gills so it was a keeper . 20min or so and another slightly smaller one was released . Both were taken on whole juvenile crabs before sunset and two halves of a big crab remained untouched after dark .
So first rig of the season for me too 8)

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