Re: 2013 Winter Surf catches.


Spent the day at the Blind river today . Sea was beaut , calm and not too off colour , fishing was shit . Ended up being 5 jokers with 8 rods in the water with a variety of baits prawns , mussel , pili , squid , skippy and anchovy and all that was landed for the day was a carpet shark , a doggy , a schoolie and a pair of red cod . A bit poxy I thought so shot down a bit further to see if the crab pot might do some damage and after an hour or so the tally was one.

Felt a couple of shakes while sitting on the beach and wondered if that might of had some affect on the bite , thats the excuse for the poor results anyway :mrgreen:

Also wondering if anyone uses a Daiwa Crosscast 6000 Long Cast Surf Reel ?