Re: 2013 Winter Surf catches.


Well it looks like the weather has buggered the plans for this weekend. Still , I may take a drive down the coast to see for myself . Thats what I did last weekend and it payed off…kinda. The nor-west gales had the usual spots stirred up and the wind didnt ease so I thought if memory serves me right then it should be nice on the south side of Cape Cambell and it was. Sea was clear and calm and the was hardly a breeze at spot P considering I was battling to keep the ute in a straight line in the gales on the way down.
Anyway banged some prawn and mussel baits out , no takers . Switched to squid and fish baits and a Spiny Dogfish was on the beach every 5 mins . Switched to a single hook ledger rig after a few double headers . All were females with big guts on them. Had to dispatch a couple to get the hook back and the pups were ready to be dropped at any time so they were tossed back in and away they went. Caught 30 odd in two sessions , all bar a pair were thrown back and not a red cod to be seen. Must say the new rod is an absolute pleasure to use , makes the big ol Penn powerstick feel like a log.