Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


ss….i’m not saying it’s impossible,,,but the boat may have been pulling a shellfish dredge, or some other gear that doesn’t fall under the ban??…i too have seen commercial boats “trawling??” very close 2-300m off port levy heads on numerous occasions.
(lifted fom a website)…. Trawling is not permitted within one nautical mile of a river mouth from 1 January until 30 April. If you see trawl boats operating within this area, record the location, date, time, name and size of the vessel and call the Ministry of Fisheries with the details: 0800 476 224…..on forrestnbird site it states 2 miles offshore,for trawls and 4 miles for sets. ….

i phoned the number just now to enquire “what these boats would be pulling?” and spoke to a lady who didn’t know, but took my number saying a fishery’s officer will call back …..i’ll let you know if he does!