Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Perfect weather and good tide so decided to go for a Snapper fish.

Arrived at my spot shortly after 5pm, water was dirty, probably from all of the rain so was a bit off putting…. but I decided the Snapper would be busy sniffing through the dirty water looking for a feed so I still casted out a few baits… Initially the wind blew enough to be annoying and kept me feeling cold, but around dusk the wind died down and the temperature was pleasant. Around that time one of my rods bent over and the reel was screaming. The fish put up a good fight, and thanks to head shakes I was fairly confident it was my first Snapper but thanks to the dirty water I had to get it in close until I got a confirmed ID. It was a good size Snapper so its fairly safe to say the Snapper are now feeding in the inner Sounds again.

Did not take much care in taking the photo, so its quite blurry. Probably out of focus. For a size comparison the bottle is 1.5L.

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