Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Went out to Beach Road today, missed the change of light because I am enjoying the last of school holidays.
Two of us went out, sea looked pretty good, not overly rough but still a little colored as you could imagine after all of the rain we have been having.

Baited up with prawns first, these kept getting nailed by crabs very fast, I even managed to hook a paddle crab so i cut it in half, removed the shell and put bait elastic around it hoping for a rig. Unfortunately crabs decided that their old friend was pretty tasty and that got nailed pretty fast too.

Switched to fresh squid and we caught three small sharks in quick succession.
I’ll have to remember my camera next time and play guess the species so I can start to identify them correctly.

Another guy came out, he was casting a good 20m further but wasnt having much more luck than us.

I figured if someone else was out there we must be doing something right :grin:

A little while later a small pod of 7 dolphins turned up and the fishing dried up.
Beautiful creatures though!